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ConsulTech is a technical consulting and systems integration company specializing in all aspects of Computer Vision, including:

Complete solutions including Machine Vision design, development, software, integration, testing, and documentation.

Image Processing algorithms, software modules, and complete applications for integration into your proudcts.

Complete custom Remote Vision solutions for inspecting surfaces of large structures.

Complete object-oriented software solutions including requirements, specifications, design, development, verification, validation, and documentation.

  • For OEMs:

ConsulTech develops custom Image Processing and Machine Vision software, software modules, and vision subsystems to be embedded into an OEM's product line.

  • For End Users:

ConsulTech designs, develops, and integrates custom Machine Vision system solutions and Image Processing software to solve the most difficult vision challenges.

Use ConsulTech’s experience to help you specify, develop, and test your next Machine Vision or Image Processing product or in-house application
on time, on budget, and on target.

Engineering Services

  • Concept Design – Use ConsulTech’s experience to help you determine the scope and capabilities of your Image Processing or Machine Vision product. A well-defined concept is the foundation of any project. With ConsulTech’s help, you will develop an Image Processing or Machine Vision concept with a well-defined scope that will keep your project on time.

  • Feasibility Analysis – Use ConsulTech’s expertise and facilities to determine if your project requirements can be met before you make investments in Image Processing or Machine Vision development. ConsulTech uses its Image Processing and Machine Vision laboratory to perform these feasibility studies. You make no hardware or infrastructure investments prior to verifying the feasibility of your Image Processing or Machine Vision project. Software and hardware designs developed during the feasibility analysis are often directly transferable to the final system, thus reducing acquisition and development costs to keep your project on budget.

  • Specifications Determination – Use ConsulTech’s experience to translate your concept requirements into a set of functional and engineering Image Processing or Machine Vision specifications. Functional specifications will define the interactions and sequences of interactions between your proposed system and its environment. Engineering specifications will define your proposed Image Processing or Machine Vision system’s components with the appropriate level of detail to enable development on target.

  • Algorithm Research and Development – Use ConsulTech’s Image Processing, Machine Vision, and Software Engineering expertise to research and develop new algorithms to meet your complex imaging and vision requirements. ConsulTech’s custom-developed Image Processing and Machine Vision algorithms will maximize the processing accuracy of your product by incorporating adaptive and self-checking methods. These algorithms will maximize processing speed by including only the functionality needed for your application. ConsulTech’s custom-developed algorithms will result in your system being on target.

  • System Architecture Design – Use ConsulTech’s systems integration experience to design an optimal architecture for your Image Processing or or Machine Vision application. As an independent Image Processing and Software Engineering consulting company, ConsulTech will configure your system by selecting the most modern, cost-effective hardware and software components from a wide variety of sources. The resulting project will be on budget.

  • Software Development – Use ConsulTech’s 20+ years of Software Engineering experience to transform your specifications and algorithms into a fully functional Image Processing or Machine Vision application. ConsulTech will use its proven software development methodologies which incorporate component-based designs, visual models, iterative development strategies, and strict version controls to implement your Image Processing or Machine Vision product. These methodologies form the basis for developing robust, accurate, efficient, and maintainable Image Processing and Machine Vision software which is on target.

  • Training – Use ConsulTech’s expertise to provide technical Image Processing or Machine Vision training for your staff. ConsulTech will customize the content of the training to meet your exact needs. Training can be made as formal or informal as you require. ConsulTech’s training will bring your staff up to speed on the technical aspects of your Image Processing or Machine Vision project quickly and efficiently resulting in a project that is on budget.

  • Marketing and Sales Support – Use ConsulTech’s knowledge of Image Processing and Machine Vision technology to provide technical support for your marketing and sales teams. ConsulTech will provide a resource for your sales and marketing staffs to help them convey the high technical content and functionality of your products to your customers. Your clients’ technical concerns will be met quickly and on target.

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Service Models

  • Turnkey Outsourcing – ConsulTech works interactively with you to develop a complete set of Image Processing and Machine Vision requirements and a robust system design. After you approve the specifications and the design, ConsulTech develops and tests your Image Processing or Machine Vision application off-site. You incur no overhead and no on-site disruptions. All development and testing is performed in North America, eliminating the communication and time zone problems typical of off-shore outsourcing.

  • Turnkey On-Site Development – This model is equivalent to the Turnkey Outsourcing model except that most development and testing are performed at your site. This model gives you additional control over the environment in which your Image Processing or Machine Vision application is to operate. It also allows you to modify the specifications and design rapidly during the application development and testing processes.

  • Integrated Development – ConsulTech’s engineering staff works at your site side-by-side with your staff of engineering professionals. This model gives your staff a head start with your Image Processing or Machine Vision application’s technology transfer process.

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Company Profile

ConsulTech was founded in 1992 to provide Image Processing and Machine Vision consulting services to industrial, professional, and Government clients. It's services rapidly expanded from Image Processing consulting to Systems Integration for Machine Vision and Remote Vision applications. In 1994, Software Engineering consulting services were added to provide both new and existing clients with Object Oriented Design, Analysis, and Programming services. Web-enabled software design and development services were added in 1999. ConsulTech provides its services using state-of-the-art, 21st century technologies and methodologies. ConsulTech's clients range from start-up companies to mature, mid-size companies, to Fortune 1000 companies.

Stanley N. Hack, D.Sc. is founder and president of ConsulTech. He has over 30 years of experience in Software, Image Processing, and Machine Vision engineering and management. Dr. Hack's professional positions prior to starting ConsulTech include serving as an engineering professor, as an industrial program manager, and as a vice president of engineering. Dr. Hack is a registered Professional Engineer.

On Time, On Budget, On Target

Use ConsulTech's Computer Vision expertise, 21st century technology know-how, project management experience, and state-of-the-art facilities to help you specify, develop, and test your next vision project on time, on budget, and on target.

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