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Machine Vision

Image Processing

Remote Vision

Software Engineering


ConsulTech provides state-of-the-art Machine Vision Solutions, including design,
integration, software development, testing, and documentation,
to industrial clients on time, on budget, and on target.

Machine Vision Applications

  • Machine Vision Inspection
  • Manufacturing Quality Assurance
  • Industrial X-Ray and Ultrasound Inspection
  • Web Inspection
  • Object Classification
  • Pick and Place Part Identification
  • Robotic Alignment
  • Feature Measurements
  • Color Classification
  • Character Recognition and Validation
  • Bar Code Recognition and Validation

Machine Vision Technologies

  • Standard and Non-Standard Video
  • Line Scanning
  • Gray Scale, Color, and Multi-Spectral Imaging
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Structured Lighting
  • Motion Control
  • Real-Time Image Sequence Processing
  • Networking
  • Image Compression
  • Image Archiving

Machine Vision Services

  • Machine Vision System Design
  • Component Selection and Testing
  • Machine Vision System Integration
  • Specification Development
  • Custom Vision Software Design, Development, and Integration
  • Custom Illumination System Design and Integration
  • Verification and Validation Testing
  • Complete Documentation
  • FDA 510(k) Submissions
  • DoD Documentation

Machine Vision Components and Manufacturer Examples
(This is an example list. ConsulTech works with all Machine Vision system, software, and component manufacturers.)

ImageTech Image Processing and Machine Vision Library

ConsulTech Engineering's ImageTech Image Processing and Machine Vision Library is a complete software library representing ConsulTech Engineering's 20+ years of experience. The library is constantly extended to support the latest innovations in Computer Vision and Machine Vision hardware and technologies. The library's hierarchical object-oriented software supports drivers and processing from a number of vendors including Matrox, Dalsa, and Basler. The object-oriented architecture permits rapid updates to the software's internal capabilities without modifying its Application Programmer Interface (API). This provides a path to rapid upgrades without the need to modify applications supported by the library.

ConsulTech Engineering makes extensive use of its ImageTech Image Processing and Machine Vision Library in its custom designs, developments, and integrations to ensure rapid time-to-market and straight forward extensibility within a pre-tested software environment.

On Time, On Budget, On Target

Use ConsulTech's Computer Vision expertise, 21st century technology know-how, project management experience, and state-of-the-art facilities to help you specify, develop, and test your next vision project on time, on budget, and on target.

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