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Let ConsulTech build you a Remote Vision System capable of 100% visual inspection of surfaces from distances exceeding 100 meters. ConsulTech will customize a Remote Vision System to meet your specific requirements. ConsulTech's Remote Vision Systems provide fully automated image acquisition, calibration, scoring, classification, storage, and retrieval of contiguous images within a predefined area of interest on remote surfaces.

Remote Vision Surface Inspection Applications

  • Nuclear containment vessels
  • Bridge stuctures
  • Marine structures
  • Holding tanks
  • Building surfaces
  • Runway and road surfaces
  • Surface temperature mapping

Remote Vision Capabilities

  • Completely automatic acquisition of contiguous images of a selected surface
  • High resolution image capture, storage, and display
  • Computer-controlled camera position with azimuth and elevation resolutions of 0.01 degrees (Approximately 2.5 cm at a range of 100 meters)
  • Automatic calibration of image dimensions
  • Automatic classification and scoring of surface defects
  • Complete database of classified images
  • Retrieval and display of images by defect, defect severity, or position
  • Stereoscopic measurements of image features

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Typical Remote Vision System Components

  • High resolution video camera - color or black and white - two cameras for stereoscopic imaging
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • High resolution telephoto optics
  • Calibration laser system
  • Projecting illuminator
  • Computer-controlled positioning mount with azimuth and elevation resolutions of 0.01 degrees (Approximately 2.5 cm at a range of 100 meters)
  • High performance image processing computer
  • High capacity, high speed, parallel transfer, error correcting disk array
  • High capacity image archive
  • High resolution image display

Typical Remote Vision System Configuration

On Time, On Budget, On Target

Use ConsulTech's Computer Vision expertise, 21st century technology know-how, project management experience, and state-of-the-art facilities to help you specify, develop, and test your next vision project on time, on budget, and on target.

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